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Our ethos

Iconic and individual in equal measure the once humble MINI craves individuality and commands attention. For all the makes and models of cars in existence, there are none as exciting to drive, nor as fun to own. We’ve created our website to be intuitive to use; our store rooms stocked to be suited for the largest of restoration projects and our online experience to be a must-visit for the most avid of MINI enthusiasts. Each and every product served up upon our website is genuine and our ranges have been carefully curated to empower MINI owners in the choices that they make, to make their MINI, their very own – personalised, individual and completely unique.

Our philosophy is to seamlessly compliment the iconic brand that is MINI – and to be as natural as fit as the Union Jack upon the MINI roof. Dedicated to supplying Genuine MINI parts at the lowest possible price – all of which is complemented by exceptional service, an excellent online experience and global delivery direct to your door wherever you may be in the world.

Our history: The Mini Sport story

Ours is a family-run business with heritage. Since 1959 we’ve been right there alongside the twists and turns that the MINI story has taken – from the moment the mark one rolled off the factory floor and took an unsuspecting British public by storm, to today’s modern age answer to the timeless classic.

We mourned the loss of the MINI as production was ceased and a sell-off threatened the very existence of the MINI brand; and we celebrated come the turn of the millennium when the much awaited announcement was finally made that the MINI would be revitalised and re-imagined for the modern world.

Our story began with our Chairman and founder Brian Harper, who experienced an immediate appreciation for Alec Isogonic' definitive design; an initial purchase of one of the very first 850s that emerged from Longbridge in early 1960 would one day lead to MINI Sport becoming synonymous with the MINI brand, and the parallel establishment of our parent company Mini Sport Ltd in 1967 which today is the longest established Classic Mini specialist in the world.

Brian and his wife Heather could never have foresaw the effect this landmark purchase would have on their lives and for some years their 850 undertook everything from the humble weekly shopping, to exciting events spanning auto tests, sprints, hill climbs and even circuit racing. It was clear then that the car had forged a unique relationship with the Harper family, which would eventually lead to the purchase of a Downton tuned 997cc Cooper in the spring of 1964. With this next edition to the family garage came ever more challenging rallies, through which both Brian and his wife would pilot the Cooper through hairpins and chicanes.

At this point the competition bug had well and truly bitten; and as anyone involved in motor sport will tell you, competing means spare parts are a must. Soon the Harper garage would be full of spare parts of almost every variety, and not long after that - the family home would be too. The need for a MINI parts cull was a must – and all it would take was a singular advert in the Motoring News for the burgeoning market for everything Mini to be unveiled.

Inspired by this realisation and his own unending passion for the marque, Mini Sport was established in 1967. This was the first fledgling idea that would eventually establish firm roots – a seed sown that would ultimately grow to become the brand that you see before you today.

And the rest, as they say, is history.


To all of you, from all of us at Mini Genuine Parts (Mini Sport Ltd) - Thank you and Happy Mini Motoring!

Jonathan Harper

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